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Tag / Waterloo station London

5. Rain, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, Soho, Downing Street & Westminster

“Rain” Despite giving it a page heading – Rain – Hans Richard has pasted in only four photos.  Most of his photos in his Scrapbook show a dry, sunny London from late August through to when he left in late October, 1954.  The women are often bare armed (summer gloves apart), and sometimes bare shouldered. […]

9. Bobbies, Traffic, The Queue, Sandwich Men & London Pool.

“Bobbies.”   It is assumed the cartoon is topical because legislation has just come in making it an offence not to have rear reflectors on a motor vehicle. In this photo, (above),  Hans Richard has photographed the two co-students that he photographed in Downing Street, in Chapter 5. ____________ “Traffic.”     This double exposed negative/print […]