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It is assumed the cartoon is topical because legislation has just come in making it an offence not to have rear reflectors on a motor vehicle.


In this photo, (above),  Hans Richard has photographed the two co-students that he photographed in Downing Street, in Chapter 5.





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The Admiral stopping at green lights to let children and adults cross will make him very popular with motorists behind him, and impatient overtaking motorists will mow down the crossing adults and children. Well done, Admiral.  However, a visitor from the Continent would regard ‘The Admiral’ as a prime example of the ‘British eccentric’.  There is also a political topicality in the reference to the Cold War – the Soviet Union versus the West.  UPDATE:  This is very probably a protest by Bill Boaks (1904 – 1988).  Bill Boaks served in the Royal Navy between 1920 to 1949, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.  During the Second World War he saw action at Dunkirk, and was also involved in the sinking of the Bismark.  From 1949 until his death he waged a one man war on the errant motorist and promoted road safety, standing as an independent candidate in By and General Elections.  For some time he was associated with Screaming Lord Sutch,  and the Monster Raving Loony Party, formed in 1983.

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This double exposed negative/print may have been deliberate, but it is doubtful. It combines a queue waiting for a bus, and a platform at Notting Hill Gate tube station.  The film wind on may have been badly slipping, or occasionally not winding on at all, on his Exakta camera.  In a later excursion down the Thames to Southend his Exakta packs in altogether, and he has to have it repaired.



Couple WStationPNG

“Waterloo St.”    Waterloo station.

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“Waterloo St.”  Waterloo station.

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“Ein Feiner Zug, Victoria St.”  A fine train, Victoria Station.

Hans Richard also had two pages headed “Paddington Station”, which was his nearest mainline station to his digs in Chepstow Road.  Unfortunately all eight, uncaptioned, photos have been removed.  The dry spots of Uhu glue is all that is left, indicating that there were eight photos in the spread.  As with the missing photos of warships, either the ebay vendor of the Scrapbook removed them for separate selling, or Hans Richard removed them and put them into a Trains and Railways themed scrapbook.


“The Queue, od. Die Schlange.”   The Queue, or The Snake.



This is a variant of the photograph Hans Richard took that is in the section Oxford Street, Chapter 3.   A very tall man is in the queue waiting for a bus.


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“Pflasterkünstler und Sandwichmen.”

Pavement artists and Sandwich men

{avement Artist 1-66PNG

Sand man 1-66PNG

Street maan2-66PNG

Pavement Artist 2-66 PNG


London Pool.”   The Pool of London.

London Pool,3-69PNG

Rönnskär, Stockholm foreground

London Poop Page-67PNG

Hans Richard map added to his Scrapbook 1980s.

London Pool,1-67PNG

London Pool,2-67 PNG

“Blick von der London-Bridge.”   View from London Bridge.

The boat on the right is the MV Tunis.

London Pool Chick,2-67PNG

London Pool,3-67PNG

London Pool Chick,1-67PNG

London Pool-68PNG

London Pool,2-68PNG

Cannon Street station in the background.  Note the ‘for export’ Morris Minor vans on the deck.

London Pool,2-69 PNG

London Pool,1-69PNG

London Pool,4-69PNG


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