Grass, Hannover Sq-55PNG“Havover Square, Lunch Time.”

Grass-Lunchtime -55PNG

“Auf dem Schild rechts steht (in German): Rasen nicht betreten!”  The sign on the right says Do Not Enter the Grass!

The sign on the right in fact says “Please Keep Off the Grass”.   Coming from an ordered German society where keeping to the rules is very important (for emotional as well as practical reasons), Hans Richard would note the relaxed approach of the British to “Orders” and prohibitions.

Havover Sq.women55 PNG

Sweater girls-55 PNG

Hanover Sq-55PNG

“Nachmittag.”   Afternoon.


The London School of English

“Aus meiner Schulzeit”.   My School time.

Miss Shields-56PNG

“Miß Shield.”

That Miss Shield is wearing a coat and hat indoors is not so unusual in Britain of the 1940s and early 1950s.  There are photographs of the Crofts Dog Show, and Labour Party and Conservative Party conferences where those attending are wearing a hat and coat. The lack of central heating radiators in many public buildings and blocks of flats in this period (and earlier) was something often noted by Continental and American visitors.

The fact that Miss Shield is single may be because of the Civil Service “Bar” that was only lifted in 1946.  Up until then, a woman civil servant or woman teacher had to leave the Civil Service, or the teaching profession if they were to marry.  It was a harsh choice for many women who wanted to continue their profession.  Some chose to stick with their profession.

LSE Receipt for studies-57PNG

Translation class-56PNG

“Translation Class.”

The pattern, mid to top right, in the above photo is Hans Richard’s fingerprint on the negative.  For problems with the photos and their restoration, see the article in ABOUT at the top of this chapter.

Colloquial English (links Mr.Swoboda)PNG-56_edited-1

“Colloquial English.  Links, Mr Swoboda.”   Left, Mr Swoboda.

Miss Stefani-56PNG

“Miß Stefani.”

Miss Dingbunes-56PNG

“Miß Dingsbunes.”





Miss Kummer,Schweiz-58PNG

“Miß Kummer (Schweiz).”  Miss Kummer, Swiss.

Miss Kummer59PNG_edited-1

LSE Cert of Studies-59PNG


“Die City.”   The City.

The City-61PNG

“Royal Exchange.”

City MapHR PNG

Map of the City, and beyond, added by Hans Richard in the 1980s.

Telegraph,Fleet Street-60PNG

“Zeitungviertel Fleetstreet.”    Newspaper area, Fleet Street.

Fleet Street 2 colour-60PNG

Discoloured print of Fleet Street.  Daily Express building.

Cannon St-60PNG

“Cannon Street.”

On the right hand edge of the “City” photo page (the four photos above), Hans Richard has pasted in a news cutting about Britain and Europe.  There is no date, nor source, but possibly from The Daily Mail, from the August – October, 1954 period.

Stay out Britain 1 PNG

Stay Out 2 PNG_edited-1

Keep Out 3 PNG

Keep Out 4 PNG



St Pauls-61, alternative PNG

St Pauls, 61PNG

woman news seller-61PNG



“Die Sensation:  London entdecht Londinium”

The Sensation:  London discovers Londinium.

Rom Tem,2-62.PNG edit

The Roman Temple to the Roman God Mithras is discovered.

Roman Temple colour-62PNG

R>Temple map 62 PNG

Rom Tem,3-62PNG

Rom soldier HR drawing62 PNG

Hans Richard Griebe Roman soldier cartoon, with umbrella and handbag.

Nespaper soldier cartoon62 PNG

Newspaper Roman soldier cartoon, with spier and shield.

Rom Tem,1-62PNG

 All Day Qed62 PNG

Rom Temp,4-62PNG

Rom Q News-63PNG

 May be Saved61PNG_edited-1

 May be Saved story62PNG col corr.

The Roman Temple to the God Mithras was discovered in September, 1954, during excavation work for the construction of Bucklesbury House, a 14 story office block for the British insurance company Legal and General. At the time of planning permission being given, it was to be the tallest office building in London.  The whole of the temple was dug up and removed to a nearby site – Temple Court, London E.C.4.  The office block site and surrounding site is now (2016) under proposed major commercial redevelopment, to be called Walbrook Square, with plans to move the Roman Temple back to its original site.  Bucklesbury House has already been demolished.


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