Tennis LIF-46PNG

“Tennis und Basket Ball auf den Lincoln Inn Field’s (Holburn).”






“Regent’s Park.”




“Regent’s Park”

Regents Park-49PNG




“Vier Mann in einem stuhl, oder…”


“…. ein Mann geht solonge, bis er bricht.”

RP Man&Dog-49PNG

RPKissing Couple Colour-49PNG

Discoloured print. Couple kissing on a bench at Regent’s Park.



Guards and Civs,Buck Palace-49PNG

“Buckingham Palace.”


Maltesers Guards50 PNG

The most beautiful man in the State.

HR map50

Map of the Buckingham Palace area, drawn into his Scrapbook in the 1980s.

policeman guard story50 PNG

news item50 PNG


Guardsmen, BuckP.51 PNG

“Wachablösung am Bucking Palace.”   Changing the guard at Buckingham Palace.

Guards Buck Pal,2-51PNG

Guards Buck Pal-51PNG

Giles Guards cartoon51PNG

Giles 2 PNG

Giles was a nationally known cartoonist who’s cartoons appeared in the Daily Express.  Hans Richard’s daily newspaper which he bought whilst he was in London, going on the number of cuttings and cartoons from it, was the Daily Mail.  This cutting from the Daily Express is a rarity.  As a cartoonist himself, he would have appreciated the detail and skill (and the humour) of Giles.  (For technical reasons it has not been possible to reproduce this Giles cartoon in its original full width.)



Guards 3-52PNG

“St James Palace.”

Guardsmen with flag51PNG

“St James Palace.”

The two men nearest to the marching Guard are standing to attention, with the one on the left raising his hat.  This suggests they are ex-regulars (non conscript ex-servicemen).


“Tower Posten.”

Guard, 2 women-52PNG

“Foto Posten.”


“Lifeguards in Whitehall” 

Life g horse, little-54PNG

Life g on horse-53PNG

“Ars militaria.”


HR Cartoon 53PNG

Life gs, couple-53PNG

“Ars civilis.”

eddie calvert cartoon 53 PNG

The English trumpeter Eddie Calvert had had a hit with the Swiss written Oh Mein Papa which was No.1 in the British Hit Parade for nine weeks in 1954.

LifeGuards APNG


'Guard drill,1-54PNG



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