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7. Sport, Regent’s Park, Ceremonial & Military.

Sport. ___________________ “Regent’s Park” Discoloured print. Couple kissing on a bench at Regent’s Park. ______________________ Ceremonial/Military. Map of the Buckingham Palace area, drawn into his Scrapbook in the 1980s. ______ Giles was a nationally known cartoonist who’s cartoons appeared in the Daily Express.  Hans Richard’s daily newspaper which he bought whilst he was in London, […]

18. The State Visit of Haile Selassie.

          14 October, 1954 was a Thursday.  Hans Richard was at Greenwich on the Sunday, at Portsmouth on the Tuesday, and now in Central London on the Thursday, with two days to go before he travels back to Germany on the Saturday.   A bolting police horse.   __________________ “The Guards.” __________________________ […]