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“Eigentlich wollten wir nut die Wachablösung sheen….. (Life Guards).”   Actually, we only wanted to see the changing of the Guards…. (Life Guards).


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“Wellington Place.”


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“… aber die Queen war such da.”    … but the Queen was also there.


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Cartoon: Hans Richard Griebe.

14 October, 1954 was a Thursday.  Hans Richard was at Greenwich on the Sunday, at Portsmouth on the Tuesday, and now in Central London on the Thursday, with two days to go before he travels back to Germany on the Saturday.

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Sketch: Hans Richard Griebe.

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A bolting police horse.

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“The Guards.”

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“Der Anlaß.”  The Occasion.

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The “Star” was one of three London evening newspapers in 1954, along with the Evening News, and the Evening Standard.  It went out of business in 1960 when the sister daily newspaper, the News Chronicle, also folded that year.

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Vic St. platform PNG

“Der Bahnsteig”.   The Platform.

 Press cutting.  This is Victoria railway station.  Haile Selasse has just stepped off the train.

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Queen's attire PNG

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Flowers,platform PNG

Photo: Hans Richard Griebe.


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“Die Meldung.”  The Message.


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“The Prominents:     (Eden, Churchill, Royal Princess, Queen Mother, Princess Margaret).”


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“Abfahrt zum Buck. Pal.  (tele)”  Departure to Buckingham Palace.  Telephoto lens.  Photo: Hans Richard Griebe.


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Newspaper photo.


News cutting PNG


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“Am Buckingham Palace.”  At Buckingham Palace.

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“The End.”

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