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Hans Richard visited Greenwich, the Observatory and the Maritime Museum, on 10 October, 1954, a Sunday.  Herta was with him, and took a photo of Hans Richard.  Although they travelled to Portsmouth two days later, on the Tuesday, Hans Richard has put the visit to Greenwich in his Scrapbook after his Portsmouth and Southsea section. The pub in the photo – the Spanish Galleon, in Greenchurch Street – still exists.


Greenwich Die Themes-145 PNG

“Die Themse.”

Above, Greenwich Power Station in the background.

Greenwich HR-145 PNG

Marked “R” for Rolleiflex. Cropped photo.  Taken by Herta.



“Royal Observatory.”

Gren 1-146 PNG

“Observatorium Berg.”   Observatory Hill.

Herta at the railings.

Gren 2-146 PNG

Hans Richard has pasted two photos side by side of Herta.  On the left she is standing on the Greenwich Merdian Line and on the right she is looking at the Shepherd 24 Hour gate clock.  It has just gone quarter past one.

Gren 3-146 PNG


“Royal Naval College.”

Greenwich RNavyC-145 PNG

At the Royal Naval College the time is just coming up to quarter past two.

Greenwich RNavyC2-145 PNG

Greenwich RNavyC3-145 PNG


Mari Museum drawing-147 PNG

Sketch: Hans Richard Griebe.

Gren 4-146 PNG

“Maritime Museum.”


Gren 5-146 PNG


Mari Museum 2-147 PNG

Mari Museum 3-147 PNG

“Admiral Scheer modell.”

The Admiral Scheer was a German ‘Pocket’ battleship, credited with being the most successful – in terms of tonnage sunk – surface raider of the Second World War.  Herta is in the background above, and Hans Richard has positioned her standing in the door way below.


Mari Museum 1-147 PNG


Mari Museum Battle PC-147 PNG

The Battle of the First of June, I794 was between British and French naval fleets.


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