“Fahrten nach Portsmouth und Southsea”  Trip to Portsmouth and Southsea

From Hans Richard’s captions in his Scrapbook we know that he first visited Portsmouth on 15 September (Battle of Britain Day), and then again on 12 October.

Portsmouth Train-129 PNG

This is Waterloo Station, London.

Hans railway compart-219 PNG

This photo was taken by Herta.  Later in this section on Portsmouth, Hans Richard pastes in two photos of Herta, who accompanied him on the 12 October trip.

Warships pcs PNG


Victory p.129 PNG

Besides postcards of naval boats, Han Richard took photographs of Royal Navy boats in Portsmouth.  But as can be seen on one of the reproduced pages below, the photos have been removed. There are six pages with photos of Royal Navy ships removed.  From his captions we know that HMS Vanguard, Vigo. Finisterre, Implacable, and others have been removed. As speculated on the removed photos from his Imperial War Museum section, the photos have either been sold separately by the ebay vendor of this Scrapbook, or at some point Hans Richard has transferred them to a Naval Boat themes scrapbook.

Portsm.138 Fullpage-138 PNG

Portsm.3 warships sketch-138 PNG

Sketch: Hans Richard Griebe.


HMS ‘Victory’.

Full Page Victory-131PNG

Victory 4-131 PNG

Victory 3-131 PNG

Victory 5-131 PNG

Victory 1-131 PNG

Victory 2-131 PNG

Victory 2-132 PNG

Victory 4-133 PNG

Victory 1-132 PNG

Victory 3-133 PNG

Victory 5-133 PNG


Victory 2-133 PNG

“Peruanischer Zerstörer.”  Peruvian destroyer (in background).


Victory 1-133 PNG

Victory 4-134 PNG

Victory 3-134 PNG

“Quarterdeck. Hierwurde Nelson getroffen.”  Quarter deck.  Here Nelson was hit.


Victory 1-134 PNG

“Blick aux Capt. Hardy’s Kabine auks Oberdeck.”  View from Captain Hardy’s cabin on the upper deck.


Victory 2-134 PNG

“60 Pfünder im Batteriedeck.”    60 pounder on the battery deck.


In between the visit to Portsmouth and then Southsea, Hans Richard has pasted in the following news item and cartoon from Giles, of the Daily Express, from 23 September, 1954. The reverse of the cutting is reproduced, as it is a news story on the soon to be broadcast ‘Commercial’ television in Britain.


Navy finds a bride PNG

Giles cartoon Portsmouth PNG

ITV news PNG


Port-Southsea Strand-135PNG

“Southsea Strand perspective.” Southsea beach perspective.


Port-Sole.Bay-135 PNG

“Sole Bay, Blick auf den Kanal.”  Sole Bay, view of the chanel.


Portsm. HR &address-141 PNG

Portsm.Hans Richard&newfriend PNG

” Marine Ehrenmal und. Rundfahrtfreund.”    Marine memorial and tour friend.


Ports 2ndtrip3-142 PNG_edited-1

 Wearing his raincoat suggests this photo was taken on his second visit on 12 October, ten days after Herta arrived in London.  Photo marked ‘R’ for Rolleiflex. Photo probably taken by Herta, and cropped to a rectangular shape when printed.

Ports 2ndtrip2-142 PNG

“Isle of Wight Boot.”  Isle of Wight boat.


Ports 2ndtrip1-142 PNG

“Vierrerkonferenz.”   Gnome conference.

Ports 2ndtrip4:142


Marked ‘R’ for Rolleiflex, and photo probably taken by Herta.

Ports 2ndtrip5-142PNG

Hans Richard has pasted these two photos together.  The photo of him, holding his Exakta, is most likely taken by Herta, probably at his request.

Southsea Herta 1-143 PNG


Southsea Herta 2-143 PNG

“Promenade nach Southsea.”  Promenade to Southsea.


Southsea IlfordHP3-143 PNG

Pasted in at the end of the Portsmouth and Southsea sequence is panel from a carton of Ilford HP3 35mm black and white film.  There is no caption to indicate why.  The film, reformulated, is still available from the British company Ilford as Ilford FP4.  When Hans Richard set out for England from Kiel he would most likely have had rolls of the German Agfa black and white film.  It is assumed that at some point he ran out of Agfa, and bought Ilford film, although Kodak film would also have been available for him to buy in the U.K.


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