“The Town.”

The British Museum-125 PNG

“Britisches Museum.”

“Fassenden.”   Facades.

Facade 126 PNG

Regent Street-126 PNG

“Regent Street.”

Hampden Crescent, Westbourne Park-PNG216

“Hampden Cresent (Westbourne Park).”   Hans Richard Griebe, 1954.


Hampden Cr.,Izis PNG

Hampden Crescent.  Izis, 1953.

Hampden Cresent, Westbourne Park, London W.2 no longer exists.  It was demolished and bulldozed to make way for the construction of the Westway dual carriage way (the A40), which began in 1964.  Hampden Crescent was a cul-de-sac, and Izis has taken his photo at that end, looking back down to where Hans Richard took his photo, a year later.  The Izis photo was reproduced in Gala Day London, Harvill Press, 1953.  The photographs in Gala Day London were reproduced in the same sequence, and published in France as Charmes de Londres, with poetry by Jaquers Prevert.  In the 2008 edition the white paper rubbish on the pavement, and the white spots on the road, and the few white light reflecting cobbles have been Photoshopped out to a dark grey.

“Und einige Besonderheiten:”   And some special features:

TV Detector cartoon 126 PNG


“Insulare Differenzen.”  Insular Differences.

Irony and playing with words is a feature of some of Hans Richard’s captions.

ID Train siding-127 PNG

“Die gut getarnten Bahnüberführungen.”  The well camouflaged railway bridges.

Women-Hochwasserkinderwagen-13PNG copy

“Hochwasserkinderwagen.”   High water pram.

ID Times-127 PNG

“‘Die ‘Times’, ein Möbelgeschäft.”   ‘The Times’ furniture business.

Herta, above, is on the right hand side, looking at the display.

Hanover Sq-55 PNG

“Die ‘Privacy’ der Parkebänke (Aber 1 Auge riskiert er doch!).  The ‘Privacy’ of the park bench (but still he risks an eye!)


ID Loco-127 PNG

“Die niedlichen Lokomotiven.”   The cute locomotives.

ID Uniform suburbs-128 PNG

“Die Uniformität der Wohnviertel.”  The uniformity of the residential districts.

Ins Diff 128 PNG

“Wievel Häuser zu Verkaufen warren (FOR SALE).”   How many houses were for sale.

Hans, toilet-218 PNG

“Die Leichtigheit, mit der man in England als Gentleman erkannt wird.”   The ease with which you will be recognised as a ‘gentleman’.


ID Smoking everywhere-128 PNG

“Die vielen Zigaratten.”    The many cigarettes.

Hot lips cartooon Insular Differences-PNG-128

Fag packets PNG

Cigarette packets pasted into the Scrapbook.

In a note, added to the Scrapbook in 1980, Hans Richard says that he no longer smokes.  In an interesting change-around, Hans Richard would find that in 2016 advertising of cigarettes on billboards and street cigarette vending machines are banned in Britain, but not in Germany.


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