“Woolwich Docks.”

WD,ssCorromandel-116 PNG

M.V. Corromandel.

WD,ssCoromandel 2-116 PNG


WD, Laskars-116 PNG

“In der Docksschleuse.”


WD-ssDurham-116 PNG

M.V. Durham.

WD,ssBrittany-116 PNG


WD 4-117 PNG


WD No entry-117 PNG

“Der Zugang war nicht so Leicht….”    The access was not so easy…..

Wool Docks, Coromandel 2-116 PNG

“….gelang dann aber doch.” ….but succeeded.

WD ss Freemantle Star, stern-117 PNG

WD ssFreemantle Star-117 PNG

M.V.  Freemantle Star.

WD ssPort Brisbane-118 PNG

M.V. Port Brisbane.

WD,ssPortBrisbane 2-118 PNG

“Port Brisbane.”


WD,Red Tape-118 PNG


WD ssBramar Castle-118 PNG

“Union Castle Liner ‘Braemer Castle’, ca.10.000 t.”


WD,1-118 PNG_edited-1



Tilbury 1-119 PNG

“Ahnlich versperrt vie Woolwich Docks….”   Similarly blocked as at Woolwich Docks…

Tilbury ssClanMacintyre-119 PNG

“… gelang das Eindringen auch hier… ”  …entry achieved here…. 

Tilbury -119 PNG

TilburyssCity of London119 PNG

“…mit Hilfe wines Inders, von der ‘C.o.L’ Besatzung.”  …with help from an Indian from the ‘City of London’ crew.

Ein Kumpel PNG

“Ein Kumpel.”   A pal:

Indian's address PNG


TD,a pal-120 PNG

TD,2-120 PNG

“An Bord der City of London.” On board the City of London.

TD,a pal 2-120 PNG

TD,1-120 PNG

P & O liner Iberia, seen from the City of London

TD ssCity of London120 PNG


“P & O Liner Iberia

TD,Iberia& Pal-121 PNG

M.V. Iberia background, City of London with Roleni, his Indian pal, foreground.

TD,Iberia 2-121 PNG


TD,Iberia -121 PNG


TD,Iberia 4-121 PNG


TD,Iberia 5-121 PNG


TD,Iberia 4-122 PNG


TD,Iberia 3-122 PNG

“Besuch an Bord der Iberia.”   Visit aboard the Iberia.

TD,Iberia 2-122 PNG

“Sportdeck Touristklasse.”  Sports deck Tourist class.


Iberia part full page-123 PNG


Swimpool cartoon 123 PNG

“…wenn erst Wasser drin…”     If only there was water in it.


Iberia 4-123 PNG

“Schwimmbad 1 Kl. (mit Netz für Ubereifrige).”  Swiming bath for First Class (with net for the over- eager)


Iberia 1-123 PNG

“Schornstein, special für ‘keeping smoke off the sports deck’ (sorry, ging in Deitsch zu umständlich).” Funnel, designed for keeping smoke off the sports deck (sorry, it was too cumbersome in German).


Iberia 3-123 PNG

“Auf der Kommandobrücke.” On the Command Bridge.


Iberia 2-123 PNG


%22Iberia Sails Out%22-123 PNG


No Photos!-124 PNG

City of London-124 PNG

“You could take photos from the ships and afterwards sell them to the crew.”

HR Evening by the Thames-124 PNG

“Blick auf Gravesend.”  View of Gravesend.

Gravesend is on the opposite side of the Thames Estuary from Tilbury.  It looks as if Hans Richard has included himself in the composition, probably using a lightweight tripod and mechanical timer on his camera, as he seems to have done on occasions previously.

“Nach den Londoner Docks… Noch einmal, The Town.”

After the London Docks… Once again, the Town.


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