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London Town 54 on You Tube

London Town 54 on You Tube London Town 54 is now on You Tube, in a video presentation of 16 episodes that compliment this online version. Leave any comments or get in touch via Subscribe to Pete Grafton on You Tube. Link to the above episode:  

1: Journey to London & First Impressions.

Hans Richard took a train from Kiel to Bad Bentheim, on the Dutch border, on 21 August, 1954. At the time he was renting a room in Kiel at Nietzscherestr., fairly close to the main Kiel train station and waterfront. En route he changed trains at the Hamburg Haupbahnhof.  He used the three hour wait to catch a […]

London Town 54

London Town 54 is now on You Tube too. With 16 videos London Town 54 is on You Tube.  Key in Pete Grafton, or, London Photos 1954 to access the You Tube presentation.  Click for Intro and Womens Fashions   This online publication is free, and quotes and segments are available to local newspaper […]

2. A trip to Hampton Court Palace and looking for lodgings.

Hans Richard has started his photospread of Hampton Court as “1. Tag” – First Day.  The photo of his temporary digs in Atney Road, Putney in Chapter 1 shows a rain sodden pavement.  He either took the photo on the Monday (the following day), or the weather has cleared up by the afternoon of the […]

3. Hyde Park, Speakers Corner, Marble Arch & Oxford Street.

  Hyde Park. ___________________ Near Hyde Park. Near Hyde Park. Hans Richard glued in two further Hyde Park deck chair tickets, both punched for a Morning session. _______________ Speakers Corner Note the bunch of flowers beneath the speaker’s stool.  As will be seen in the next photo, it is a collapsible stool with a carry […]

4. Traffic, Rush Hour, Regent Street & Piccadilly Circus & Cinema

Traffic _________________ Rush Hour “In German: Rasch nach Hause!” ___________________ Piccadilly Although the dress is made of textured material, (see upper back), the faint whirlpool pattern on the mid to lower rear is caused by the photo negative being sandwiched between two small plates of glass in the photographic enlarger.  It is known as ‘Newton Rings’, […]

7. Sport, Regent’s Park, Ceremonial & Military.

Sport. ___________________ “Regent’s Park” Discoloured print. Couple kissing on a bench at Regent’s Park. ______________________ Ceremonial/Military. Map of the Buckingham Palace area, drawn into his Scrapbook in the 1980s. ______ Giles was a nationally known cartoonist who’s cartoons appeared in the Daily Express.  Hans Richard’s daily newspaper which he bought whilst he was in London, […]

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