Hyde Park-14 PNG

Hyde Park.



Near Hyde Park.

2 women-14PNG

Near Hyde Park.

Indian w Hyde Park-14PNG

Hyde Park SwansPNG

Hyde Park PrefectPNG

Hyde Park chair ticker PNG

Hans Richard glued in two further Hyde Park deck chair tickets, both punched for a Morning session.

Hyde Park cartoon PNG

“A picture I didn’t snap.”

Sport 3-16PNG


Sport 2-16PNG

On the grass-16PNG



Speakers Corner

Daily MirrorPNG

Speakers Corner,1-17PNG

Note the bunch of flowers beneath the speaker’s stool.  As will be seen in the next photo, it is a collapsible stool with a carry handle.

Red BulldogPNG

Speakers corner, reverse--17PNG

'Negres', Speakers Corner-17PNG


Marble Arch

Buses, Marble Arch-17PNG

In a 1980s note in the Scrapbook Hans Richard points out that he stayed in the “splendid” (“prunk”) hotel seen in the background: The Cumberland, in 1979.  He has added two exclamation marks next to the note.  Twenty five years after his 1954 visit to London, he is doing alright financially.


Oxford Street

Oxford St mapPNG

Route map added by Hans Richard in the 1980s.

Billboard man-19PNG

Ox St womanPNG

Billboard man-18PNG


 Oxford St,1-19PNG

Oxford Street PNG

Oxford Street,2-19PNG

Oxford St-19PNG

Spiv,Oxford St 19 PNG


This is a suitcase salesman. In the 1940s men like this were called Spivs, usually selling black market goods. The man to his right is probably his look-out, who has got distracted by the allure of the woman. The suitcase salesman is selling ladies purses. Plain clothes CID policemen used to travel on the top deck of London Transport buses, in the front seats, to spot sellers like this and ring the bell and jump off to ‘nab’ them, hoping to outwit the look-out.

Women-Oxford St-19 PNG




Women 2-20 PNG

OxSt BuskersPNG



Windress 3PNG


Lyons-Women 7-21PNG

“Lyons. (Im Hintergrund School Entrance)”.

Negroes, etc-22PNG

Bobbies-22 PNG


“His Majesty’s Voice”.

Ox St woman cyclist PNG



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