“Die Ruckfährt.”  The Return Journey.

Unlike his journey out to England, via Hook of Holland to Harwich and the train to London Liverpool Street station, he returned home via London Victoria Station, and sailed on the Dover – Ostend boat, and then on through Belgium, back to north Germany.

DR 156 Victoria boat train PNG

Hans Richard had been at Victoria Station a few days earlier, photographing the arrival of Haile Selassie.

Bedoin PNG

“Prince Baudouin. (Belg.).  MV Prince Baudouin, Belgium.

This is the boat he sailed on from Dover back to the Continent.  Print affected by poor fixing or printing on old photographic paper stock.  Curiously, the same problem occurred on some of the prints from when he sailed out from Hook of Holland.


Abschied PNG

“Abschied von England.”  Farewell to England.


Clipper PNG

“Dover Klippen.”  Dover Cliffs.


DR 157-3 PNG

“Steife Brise, an der Einfahrt Seegang.”   Stiff breeze, and the start of a swell.


DR 157-4 PNG

“Alte Festung Dover.”  The old Dover Castle.






Dover, ferry girl PNG


London Town home itinary PNG



Journey’s End.


As mentioned in the introduction to London Town 54, we have no idea, at the moment, what kind of work Hans Richard was engaged in, that he went back to, nor whether he married.  Did he keep in touch with Herta?  Or Miss Stefani, Miss Kummer and the other women English language students he photographed? Or who accompanied him to Downing Street, or down to the Thames at Kew?

We’ll keep fingers crossed that someone – friends or family – in Kiel knows the story of Hans Richard Griebe, and what happened to the rest of the photographs he took over the years.

For a discussion of him as a photographer, and in a separate discussion, the technical aspects of the condition of the photo prints, see the two articles in the ABOUT section at the top.

For use of the photos see the INTRODUCTION.


The End.